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The New Blog Has Arrived!!!

After about three or four redesigns, the general onslaught of life and a general laziness that can only come from working and studying full time i have finally setteled on a design i like for my website. Expect some better writing in the future, at the moment its 9am and ive been awake for close of 16 hours.

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Aenean mattis venenatis
Shaun is the writer, owner, bossman, monkey wrangler and general asshole who runs iboilwater.com.au. His hobbies include studying to be a paramedic, breaking and then fixing a radio station, playing Xbox alone in the dark while quietly sobbing and writing about himself in the third person. He is a gemini which according to sudo-science explains why he is a little unhinged at times. He is willing to take suggestions in the comments on better things to write here...please help him, i think he might have a problem.

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