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Time to get healthy!!! (AKA the worst idea ever)

Hello people, its been a long time between posts after 2 or 3 design changes so i figured while im sitting in the qantas club at cairns waiting for my flight to melbourne i might let you all know what the hell is going down. But first why the weird heading.

A friend of mine from Gove FM recently told me he was giving up alcohol for the rest of the year, i laughed a little and told him he was mad (we often have a few beers while talking radio station stuff so i think i was pissed i was going to miss that.) then after a few days i had a little think and decided it might be worth a shot. But just alcohol is not enough for me, so im also giving up some other stuff. However me being me ive set my self some conditions, goals and rewards.

  1. The challenge runs for the remaining 4 months of the year. Where i will not be drinking alcohol or soft drinks and i wont be eating bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast.
  2. Im not counting Solo as a soft drink but im not allowed any more then 24 cans for the rest of the year.
  3. Im allowed to drink at significant social events but no more then 2 mid strength beers.
  4. Every time i break the rules ill be spending an extra session in the pool or gym
  5. If i finish the challenge ill donate $1000 to a charity chosen by my friends on facebook.

At the time of writing this post ive gonne 12 hours with no grog or soft drink so im confident i can make the rest…that or my liver and kidneys might die from surprise. Im also planning on heading back into the gym and pool, so we will see how it goes.

Most people already know im studying while also working full time, uni has headed back for the semester so its back into the thick of things, lucky for me its a pretty practical semester which i think i will do pretty well at, ill also get to catch up with some friends while over in perth.

So anyway i was going to write some more but the motivation is leaving me so it might be better if i leave it here.

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