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Technorama 2014 (Day -1)

So last night i arrived in sunny and beautiful Melbourne (so much sarcasm in such few words) after getting lucky with a taxi i headed towards carlton to my hotel for my very first Technorama. So what is Technorama you ask and why such a terrible name? The name i have no idea about, but pretty much its a gathering of technical people in community radio to sit around, talk them selves up a little and share some ideas while also finding out what is happening around the traps. If you really interested check out .

So back to my trip, after a full day flying i arrived in Melbourne at around 6pm yesterday, i had a read of some emails and looked at what was going on with technorama (yes i still don’t like that name either…and thanks to Ange for the complex ive developed about it). As it turns out we were all meeting at 3PBS for pizza. So when i got to the hotel i asked the cabbie to stick around for 10 while i checked in a dropped my bags, when i got back to the lobby he was gone…fucker. Suck to him though cause i never paid my fair from the airport.

So i got to 3PBS and i was a bit gobsmacked, apparently vic does not do community radio on a small scale…this place has 3 studios, a production studio and a recording studio as well as an office 3 times the size of Gove FM. I was impressed, so impressed in fact i forgot to take any photos. One of the interesting things i did find was that 3PBS is still running 20+ year old consoles and a stack of older tech such as CD’s and MiniDisk, despite all this i was very impressed with the layout and the setup…i would even go as far to say a little envious.

Another thing that really surprised me was that every time i mentioned Gove people knew where we are. One person whom i cant remember his name even mentioned that he uses Gove FM as an example to other stations to kinda quote him “Gove FM is an interesting station in that it is in a community who is to small to really support community radio but is heavily reliant on it.” Ill be honest i got the warm and fuzzies on after that.

I also bumped into Ian Thomson from Agile Broadcast last night and got a bit of a chance to fill him in on where Gove FM stood since Agile did an audit on the station, when we dealt with Agile they were fairly busy, now they are flat out busy which is great for them.

On other note despite the temptation of the minibar and the 2am walk to 7-11 im still soft drink and grog free after over 24 hours. Though i did have a funny moment at breakfast when my 3 years living in a mining camp came into play, when i finished breakfast i found myself looking around for the dirty plate cart only to remember it doesn’t work like that in the real world.

So thats it really for this update, ill possibly post another one tonight with some photos depending on how things go. I didn’t sleep real well last night so tonight might get interesting after around 1pm. Ill be sure to post my mug shot depending on how interesting it gets.

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