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An Update (Now that ive defrosted)

So Ive returned from Technorama in Melbourne and returned to my real job here in Gove. I’m planning on writing a full run down of Technorama as it relates to Gove FM but that will happen at a later date as i also need to write a report to the station outlining why it was a good idea for them to send me there in the first place. So once that report is written ill edit it and throw it on up here. I might also post some photos of Gove FM to give some of the people i meet and understanding of how the Gove FM studio looks and runs. Lets face it Gove FM really is my second job (St John is currently my third) so who would i be if it didn’t want to show it off a little.

My little health attempt is going very well, im at day 7 (plus a few hours) and im 100% soft drink free. I had 1 mid strength beer at a close friends going away dinner and all in all im doing well. These days off im planning on heading back into the pool or gym but in saying that Ive also gotta get ready for my around Australia study trip and the installation of a new software package at the radio station while also doing uni work. Im gonna try but sadly im unable to get 26 hours into a 24 hour day. I have noticed that im getting pretty bad head aches though and a bit of trouble sleeping…but this might be because of the huge amount of coffee ive been drinking, oh coffee…why must you taste so magical…why? So the next trick might be lowering that, im not to stressed about my 4 cups of coffee a night, after all im not even onto the strong stuff yet.

So yeah…my “Around Australia Study Trip” is this month and next month. Ill be heading down to Sydney on the 18th of August to visit mum and my sister after her operation to mostly pick on her while she is in pain (those who understand my family will totally understand this and know that she would do the same thing to me and we both did this to mum at the beginning of the year) Ill then be catching up with friends and visiting a doctor to get all my pokes and prods for uni and placements done. Then ill be heading over to Perth from the 23rd August to the 6th of September to attend uni workshops at ECU Joondalup, sadly its a bit poorly laid out so i have to do 1 block then spend a few days doing nothing before another block so im gonna try and attend some lectures and catch up with other people who are studying as well as my Perth friends. Then its on to Darwin from the 6th to the 9th purely to catch up with friends and perhaps do a little bit of shopping. So let me know if you wanna catch up and ill make it happen.

Speaking of catching up…apparently im moving soon, from my shitly (yes thats right shitly) little concrete box to a 2 bedroom flat. FUCK YES. So im planning on turning the second room either into a study or a guest room…if i turn it into a guest room people should come and visit…i mean its really not that far away.

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