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Sitting Alone In Perth

So after spending last week in Sydney catching up with some friends and family im now sitting by my self in a 2 bedroom flat just outside of Fremantle. Why the hell am i in WA now…well i have uni workshops for the next two weeks here in Perth, however these workshops are in Joondalup. For some reason when i sorted this all out i figured Perth was not that bigger place and staying in Freo and studying in Joondalup couldn’t be all that bad. Fuck me was i wrong or what. Yesterdays dry run to uni took me about an hour, this yeah 6am wake ups for me, so much for a holiday.

So i then needed to work out what i was going to do about parking for uni. Well because of my start time i wont be able to head to the bookshop to buy parking vouchers which means visitors parking…9 hours of which ill need at $1.20 per hour paid up front. Yeah…this is gonna be heaps of fun. On the bright side there is a coffee place right next to the building and it was pretty easy to find.

Anyway ill try and let people know whats going down while im here.

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