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An update (also an excuse to not study for exams)

Hello folks….

Well its been a few months since my last post (note to self…get better at blogging) so i figured i should just update everyone with what is going down in the life of shaun (despite knowing that only a handful of people read this). So the weight loss is going well. Im down 5KG’s in the last 3 weeks since moving in which pretty clearly means my old eating habbits were not going well for me. Ive managed to switch from bacon and eggs every morning to wheet-bix and ive cooked some pretty amazing dinners as well.

As for the drinking and soft drink…well thats not going so well. Ive certainly cut down alot (4-5 cans a day to 1-2 a week) and im drinking alot less but since perth ive been getting back on it and im not all that impressed. So ill be dragging it out for another month. Id also like to take a moment to thank my bastard friends who thought it was funny to break into my flat and put a case of XXXX Gold in my fridge. Not funny guys.

Uni is getting closer to the end…as i write this im avoiding studying for my exams. But im also avoiding doing any real work as well so it kinda equals out i guess. Uni has been pretty good this semester, ive finally started to build on my existing knowledge and i can see it start to benefit me to a point where im no longer nervous in the back on the ambulance when im dealing with a patient, which helps. It also helps to know St John is keeping an eye on me and the paramedics in town trust me enough to just let me practice on low acuity patients. Again all of this i think it going to help me be certain this is what i want to do while also helping me be a better paramedic. Ill be honest im getting pretty excited for next year so i can start to really get into the new learning.

But…whats going on with work? Well…while i was in perth i was informed that i needed to apply for a job if it wanted to stay as everything was going to change. My new title is Control Room and Field Officer, what that involves im not fully certain yet but the new generators are on site and almost running, this marks somewhere around 30 more days of steam left on site. Which im kinda looking forward to because i find shut down power stations pretty interesting but im also a little disappointed because really i came here to run a big power station not a water treatment plant and some water and power distribution. But a job is a job and it helps my studies. So im not gonna complain to much. With any luck i should find out alot more soon.

In other excellent news. Ive moved into my new place. Most of my furniture has turned up, all im waiting for is a book shelf then i can finish setting up the office and bring a little less chaos to the place. Sadly it missed the barge so it should get here this week sometime. Ill try and get some photos once ive cleaned up a bit and got everything sorted. I would have got the computer all sorted but sadly the HDD died in my iMac so im waiting on the new drive turning up so i can replace it and get everything back to normal.

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