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Its a brand new year now!

My My My…its 2015 already and my how much has already changed.
2014 marked a lot of changes for me, I decided to get off my arse and attempt to become a paramedic and much to my surprise I’ve managed to pass every subject so far. So that is going well. However it did mark and end to my 7 yearlong span of boiling water for a living.
At around 16:20 the last fire was pulled from Boiler 2 here at the Gove Power Station this has marked the end of steam power generation on the Gove peninsular after close to 45 years. Sadly I was on days of and while it something that would have been great to be around for I can’t help but feel a bit glad I wasn’t. I’ve really enjoyed my time in power generation over the last few years and while I never quite achieved my goal of getting into a real “on-grid” power station Gove was certainly a big step up from my time at Caltex, which also marked its closure at the end of 2014.
So what am I doing now that I’m not boiling water? Well…I’m currently treating water, and distributing power and water (not very catchy aye). Part of this means I now spend 12hours a day in a control room by myself while trying to find out the LD50 of caffeine (big thanks to Death Wish Coffee for helping with this btw). Now while I have applications to go elsewhere Gove provides a pretty good platform to do my uni placements in an environment I have a bit of control over which I think helps.
My soft drink and grog experiment also comes to an end with the end of the year and while I wasn’t as strict on myself as I should have been I think I did pretty well. With the cash I saved I’ve been able to sort my new flat out and I’ve lost around 10Kg’s so I think it did pretty well. I’ve also managed to significantly reduce the amount of soft drink I’ve been drinking. In the new month or so after I’ve paid for uni stuff I’ll ask a few people for some charity suggestions.
So…last thing, now that I no longer boil water I’m going to need to come up with another domain name. Any ideas please let me know, I plan on keeping iboilwater.com.au because I have so much attached to it I just can’t see myself changing it anytime soon.

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