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Why people pirate content / My constant struggle

So its pretty quiet here at work tonight and i have gotten all my normal work done, in order to stop me from falling asleep ive cracked out the laptop and decided to throw a movie on. But i dont have any movies on this laptop so i need to find something online.

With all the hype online about services such as Netflix, Stan and Presto ive been signing up to them en-mass as they are available on my Apple TV at home. At the moment i dont have Presto as its not on the apple tv platform yet and im not a huge fan of wifi to a tablet and then wifi again to the apple tv so ill wait for it to be released before i sign up.

So….ive had a flick through Netflix and Stan for something to watch and found nothing of interest. Ive just finished watching the revamped Battlestar Galactica series as well as Blood and Chrome so naturally my next option should be Battlestar Galactica: Razor .. This is where my frustration begins. Im trying my hardest to get content i want to watch without pirating it but the following story just shows the problems we have here in Australia as far as digital content is concerned.

The mission is to watch Battlestar Galactica: Razor without stealing it should be easy enough right? First thing i looked at was youtube. No luck there only a faded and out of sync copy that is i think the worst copy of anything i have ever found on youtube. NEXT!!!

iTunes has been my go to source for everything Battlestar up to now (except blood and chrome…which was a web series) so i figured i would try my luck. Its there…wait no its not…wait its there with an american account and a VPN. Nope to much of a pain for only one movie. NEXT!!!

Amazon…shit yeah rent in HD for only $4 as a prime member…fuck yes…wait…nope i need an american credit card. So i think ive pretty much proven now that “Prime” membership is amazing…unless your in Australia. NEXT!!!

Ok…so i hadent heard of this mob VUDU before…but they have it as well and its the same price as amazon…ok ill just sign up, no problems yet, paypal connected…still no problems. Its starting to look pretty good from here…ok click SD rent (they dont support HD on my laptop for some reason) yep it says i have the movie for 30days. This is gonna work… *phone beeps with paypal banner* “VUDU has charged your account $3.99” well thats a good sign i might get to finally watch this. *Clicks “Watch” Button*… waiting … waiting … “Sorry this content is not available in your country” MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!

Right fuck this VPN time it is…try again “Sorry we have detected you are using a VPN, this content is not available”. Well shit, time to request a refund then. Two hours later i get a reply email advising me that my refund will be processed in the next 5-7 days.

So…there we have it. Ive tried to access legitimate content via six different content providers none of who were willing to sell me something i was more than happy to pay for. But despite this rather than the Australian Government making content easier to access legitimately they have decided to punish those who seek to break this crappy cycle and prove to the film and tv distributers that the current system of Geo-Blocks and exclusivity deals is not in the customers interests and to be honest i cant really see how it could possibly be in a businesses interest either. Tonight the content owner or distributor of Battlestar Galactica: Razor lost money plain and simple. Likewise youtube continues to loose advertising revenue by allowing TV shows like HBO’s Last Week Tonight to be behind the Geo-Wall. I for one am a huge fan of the show…but if im going to watch it i tend to do so on a stripped down browser running a program like Ad-Block and HOLA when it works.

Anti-Piracy measures DO NOT WORK…any country that has introduced them always said they worked by very small percentages. While services such as Rdio and Spotify has all but made pirating music a thing of the past by massive percentages. See the trend there? Punish people for seeking content they cant find and you knock out a few on the fence pirates and only end up strengthening the hard core ones. Make the content freely or cheaply available to all…with no geo-blocking and you can all but remove piracy altogether.

Rather than punishing pirates or content seekers the government should be standing up to these groups and demanding this this small part of the world stop being treated like the content leper colony that it is becoming.

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  1. Liam     | Reply

    This needs to go viral! Its the first, almost realtime explanation, that ive ever seen! I relate because i used to use lime wire for everything! Now i use pandora, and pay for my music with the occasional ad! We need to advance with our digital world! Not block it!

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